Citations, Impact Factors, DOI System

Papers of AEER can be found in the ISI Web of Science®  database from 2008, so the JCR IF was calculated first time for 2010.

Impact Factor in 2010: 0.547
Impact Factor in 2011: 0.379

Impact Factor in 2012: 0.586
Impact Factor in 2013: 0.456
Impact Factor in 2014: 0.557
Impact Factor in 2015: 0.500
Impact Factor in 2016: 0.681
Impact Factor in 2017: 0.721
Impact Factor in 2018: 0.689
Impact Factor in 2019: 0.712
Impact Factor in 2020: 0.711

The SCImago Journal & Country Rank is a portal that includes the journals and country scientific indicators developed from the information contained in the Scopus® database (Elsevier B.V.). These indicators can be used to assess and analyze scientific domains. 
We suggest visiting this page, too.

SCImago Journal & Country Rank

The DOI of our journal is 10.15666/aeer (
The DOI of articles in our journal consists of a general prefix and a suffix which refers to the volume and pages. The suffix is the same as the name of the pdf  files of articles in the homepage without the pdf extension.
[e.g. the DOI of the first article in 2014 (12th volume, 1st issue, from 1st to 11th page) is the following: 10.15666/aeer/1201_001011]