Enhanced Publications Project (EPP) of AEER

An enhanced publication is a useful, digital format for publishing research data together with original scientific articles. An enhanced publication enables researchers to present their publications online in conjunction with other material. Such publications are ‘enhanced’ with research data (datasets), photo collections, and so on. The ‘enhancement’ (digital supplement or appendix) may increase the impact of original article on scientific community (citation, impact factor etc). Supplementing publications with supporting research data also makes it easier to verify, reproduce and reuse the research results.

Additional materials that may be used (in our case) to enhance a publication include:

List of enhanced  articles:

  • RÉDEI, D., HUFNAGEL, L.: The species composition of true bug assemblages extracted with Berlese funnels (Data to the knowledge on the ground-living Heteroptera of Hungary, № 1)    + Appendix
  • BÍRÓ, J.: Temporal-spatial pattern of true bug assemblies (Heteroptera: Gerromorpha, Nepomorpha) in Lake Balaton     + Appendix
  • TRÁJER, A. – MLINÁRIK, L. – JUHÁSZ, P. – BEDE-FAZEKAS, Á : The combined impact of urban heat island, thermal bridge effect of buildings and future climate change on the potential overwintering of Phlebotomus species in a Central European metropolis       + Appendix 
  • BELLIDO, J. – SAKAI, K. – NAKAMURA, S. – KAZURO, M. – OKAMOTO, K. – NAKANDAKARI, T. N2O emissions from Shimajiri-Maji (calcaric dark red soil) after applying two chemical fertilizers     + Appendix
  • RASOULI, S. ‒ MAKHDOUM FARKHONDEH, M. – SUFFLING, R. ‒ JAFARI, H. R. Developing a quantitative index of integrity as a comprehensive measure in ecological change analysis     + Appendix
  • HELYES, L. – NAGY, ZS.– DAOOD, H. – PÉK, Z. – LUGASI, A. The simultaneous effect of heat stress and water supply on total polyphenol content of eggplant     + Appendix1     + Appendix2
  • SZANYI, SZ. – NAGY, A. –VARGA, Z. Butterfly assemblages in fragmented meadow habitats of the Pre-carpathian lowland (Bereg plain, southwest Ukraine     +Appendix
  • DONMEZ SAHIN, M. – SANDA, M. A. Vegetation of Ulubey Canyon (Usak, Turkey)      + Appendix
  • SU, Z. H. – LIN, C. – MA, R. H. – LUO, J. H. – LIANG, Q. O. Effect of land use change on lake water quality in different buffer zones     + Appendix
  • ZHANG, J-T. ‒ SHAO, D. Attributes of forest diversity in the Yunmeng Mountain National Park in Beijing, China     + Appendix1     + Appendix2
  • MAGAGULA, C. N. ‒ NZIMA, B. A. Interaction between habitat characteristics and insect diverstiy using ground beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae) and ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) within a variety of agricultural habitats    + Appendix
  • WINDMULLER-CAMPIONE, M. A.‒ KOTAR, J. ‒ NAGEL, N. M. Habitat types – what they can tell us now and in the future     + Appendix
  • HAKROVÁ, P. – KŘOVÁKOVÁ, K.– NOVOTNÁ, K.– VINCIKOVÁ, H.– PROCHÁZKA, J.:  Biomass production of selected grassland, wetland and cropland vegetation communities     + Appendix
  • VIJAYAN, V. – RAHEES, N. –VIDYASAGARAN, K.:  Plant diversity and structural dynamics of mangroves in the southwest coast of Kerala, India    + Appendix1     + Appendix2